Legacy Home Inspection, LLC

Home Inspections Done Right

Legacy Home Inspection offers interior and exterior inspection of residential properties. We cover everything beginning from the roof to the crawl space—If we can see it, we will inspect it. Our team also points to the areas that are not necessarily deficient but might require maintenance or repair soon.

A Thorough Inspection

We provide a detailed, visual inspection of literally hundreds of items in every home.  These are included in 12 major categories.

  • Roof Coverings
  • Attic and Roof Structure
  • Crawlspace and under Floor Structure
  • Exterior Components
  • Garage
  • Electrical Systems
  • Interior Rooms
  • Kitchen and Appliances
  • Laundry Area
  • Bathrooms and Components
  • Plumbing Systems/Water Heaters
  • Heating and Cooling Systems

We exceed the California Real Estate Inspection Association Standards of Practice. The gold standard for home inspections in California.

Legacy Home Inspection, LLC

Our Approach

Every home has its own unique story to tell. We put your inspection first. We examine the condition of the property closely, as if it’s our own, for any defects or deficiencies to provide a clear picture of its current condition.